The Vanguard! Special Issue - Darkshadow in the Void...

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The Vanguard! Special Issue - Darkshadow in the Void...

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The Vanguard - Darkshadow (And Nazi Majestic!)

"Wake up!"


"I said, wake up, damn you!"

This time, the purple and black clad figure stirred. "Watch for me my friends. When hope is lowest, when the day is near done, I will return!". The words leapt unbidden from Darkshadows' memory. The last words he'd said to his friends...He recalled...

The timeline had been changed. The Nazis had somehow won World War II, and only the Vanguard were immune to the time effect thanks to the dark power hidden inside each of them. They'd battled Nazi forces but the enemy had been too strong. Without their dark power they'd have fallen, and so Darkshadow had summoned up the power from within, the only thing stopping the changed time stream from affecting him, in order to crush their enemy, the mighty Nazi known as Majestic! Knowing the time stream would soon affect him, as if he'd never been, he snatched the fallen Nazi up and stepped into a portal of his own making.

One that led... where?

Darkshadow rose to his elbows. He was lying on black volcanic ash, and all about, a dark landscape as far as the eye could see! There was a purple tinge where the dark sky met the ground, but no clouds, no stars above. No trees, no rocks, just rolling mounds of volcanic ash!

"Where are we???" bellowed Majestic. He cradled an injured arm - the one Darkshadow had broken for him - and stood out in stark contrast to the dark landscape in his tattered white uniform. With sooted face and deep dark bruising, Majestic was angry, and still powerful, but in no shape for a fight. Darkshadow felt the same. That he was still alive was a bonus. It was the 'for how long' part that was the real question...

Majestic sagged to the floor, his red cape ripped up, the white uniform dirty and ragged. "I thought I was dead. That you'd killed me. I had no idea.. the power you wield! No wonder Adjutant seemed reluctant to face you! I thought him a coward! Perhaps he is, but he knew what would happen! HE KNEW!" he said, pounding the floor with his good hand. The area around shook, testament to the mans incredible strength. Injured or not, he was still capable of pulverising the Vanguard on his own in a straight up fight, unless they used their dark power.

Darkshadow looked about. His sight in the dark was as good as day. In the distance, what was that? Looked like rocks, and atop them? Some kind of spire? Or simply wishful thinking? And the distance! Miles! Still... Better a slim hope than none!


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