CURRENT PC - The Haunt

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CURRENT PC - The Haunt

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 27 2015, 22:53

updated 21st November 2018

OOC Note - slightly amended from the suggested version. Ran it through the checker again and had a few more points so boosted Fog by 3APs

Haunt is a Class 3 superhero, meaning he is of the level of your low-mid tier Avengers/Justice League and characters such as Spiderman. In game terms I have used a Multiplier of 3.5 in the character builder. This gives 1575 points to play with, but Advantages/Drawbacks get the same multiplier. It's slightly more than later players may get (they get 1500) but Haunt is a long term character who has not really advanced so some improvement should show to reflect his experience. The same applies to Frostbite, Lionheart, Silver Sentinel (should Ross return) and a number of recurring NPCs.

When I find the character background I shall post that up.

Game tables all in one place Smile and frostbites team/current roster

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