Anyone have a Kindle or Ebook reader?

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Anyone have a Kindle or Ebook reader?

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 17 2011, 13:34

Going on holiday next sunday (24th) for 10 days and rather than pack the suitcase full of paperbacks I'm thinking of getting a book reader. Can anyone recommend a decent one? I must admit the Kindle 3 (from Amazon) seems to be cheaper and better than most of the competition but the book prices are about the same as buying a dead tree version, which is a bit cheeky seeing as the ebook is a file and a regular book is a tree chopped up and shipped round the world. That said, my house is pretty chock full with books and the wife is moaning so I suppose I'll have to make some kind of effort. Seen a few reviews of various ereaders, most point to Kindle. Anyone have one/have experience with one? Ok in sunlight? No eyestrain etc? Thanks for any help Smile

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