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Re: xmen first class

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 16 2011, 17:58

Think am off to see X men at the weekend, assuming my wacky sleep patterns this week (been in bed all day whilst sun shining - doh) don't have me wondering what day/time it is. Got one more shift, then I can update you guys every day properly. Thanks for the heads up on X Men - it's had pretty good reviews and am glad it's a good film because after the last couple of X films, I thought the franchise was dead. Green Lantern? Not seen reviews on that yet. Not seen Thor so will wait for video, Cap America on the list to see and also after seeing Conan the Barbarian. After the latest trailer i have upgraded it from 'straight to dvd fodder' but we'll see. It won't be for those who play sudoku and what not, but for a fantasy action romp I'm hoping it'll breathe a bit of life into a dead genre.

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xmen first class

Post  smaug on Wed Jun 15 2011, 23:12

The new xmen film film is (wait for it) first class (see what I did there?)

To me it couldnt be anymore darkering shadows (current series) if it tryed.

Paul it makes sense unlike any other xmen films and mostly fits in with the comics, which im soooooo glad about and should prevent you from screaming at the screen, getting a rifle and climbing a clock tower to show the world your frustration.


Next stop green lantern

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