Fame at last

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Re: Fame at last

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 06 2011, 14:44

And here I was quite literally thinking 'maybe the site should be jazzed up in case anyone comes looking about and fancies joining in but is put off by the plain layout'. Clearly some kind of film producer type has been in and not let that put 'em off Razz

Reshoots are a good thing on the whole I find. It tends to say "we care about whether this movie is good or crap, so we'll fix it before releasing it as broken" That said, film history is littered with movie train wrecks that no amount of reshoots will fix (Spiderman 3, I'm looking at you. And X Men 3. Oh, and Fantastic Four. 1 and 2. Catwoman? Don't think I've forgotten you. Oh, and the George Clooney Batman film with the suit nipples, and whilst I'm ranting, that Tron Legacy film was a complete waste of my life. Can I have 1h 45m back please Disney? And so on...)

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Fame at last

Post  Steeple_jackuk on Wed Apr 06 2011, 07:49

I just read a report that says they are doing some last minute reshoots for Cap America and its running under the codename....Frostbite!

See it here: http://tiny.cc/fd5b1

Fame, of a sort, at last ;-)

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