Vanguard Military Uniform

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Vanguard Military Uniform

Post  DavidMcMahon on Sun Dec 05 2010, 20:49

Okay, tried using the Heromachines Modern Day Warrior Edition set up but can't get it to save the JPG. So I will try to describe it. It is primarily red and blue, with some yellow and white for highlights. Sort of a commando dress uniform.

Two toned red and blue turtleneck - blue outside, red in center. A stylized deep "V" type shield for the insignia - white trim, blue center.

Blue beret, gold badge with a V etched in it.

Web Belt with various weapons attached - knife, pistol, grenade, etc. - and a few pouches.

Blue pants with large side pockets.

Military Boots.

Rank tabs on shoulder or upper arm.

Large weapons as preferred.

Bright colors yet will also mostly blend in at night. Perfect for parades and in the field.
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