Lunarian Weapons

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Re: Lunarian Weapons

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02 2010, 01:42

There were three main weapons -


Then there were a pile (say, 20-30 of):

Sling bullets - small round polished stones
Arrow heads (though they could be used as spear heads too)

Lunarium is the element the P'utinarians needed to power the base ships/shuttles on the planet and free their people who'd long been hiding from the Nazis. It was also used - by the Nazis - to power the machines that gave many of their superhumans powers during their 'super solider' program and as such, affects each nazi metahuman slightly differently, from no effect to nausea and unpredictable power control.

(which the weapons are made of) is a rare, extra strength version of the element. As strong as steel when forged, it's effect on Lunarium derived powers such as most of the Nazis have is more dramatic - at 100m or so it starts to affect random powers with fluctuations up/down. At 50m it turns powers off/on at random. Within 10m it does constant draining damage to the metahuman in the form of headaches and nausea (it would take a while to render them unconscious though). Touch? Yet to be determined, but it will do more than tickle, that's for sure!

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Lunarian Weapons

Post  DavidMcMahon on Sun Aug 01 2010, 22:23

Could you list the weapons we did manage to get? For some reason, I am having a brain fart and can't remember what we got. I know some kind of sword or knife. Did we get arrowheads or bullets or something? What else?
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