The NEW Vanguard! CENTURION Issue #1

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Re: The NEW Vanguard! CENTURION Issue #1

Post  smaug on Sat May 16 2015, 13:26

Centurion quickly bolted behind a up turned desk using the smoke and his sealed mask to his advantage.

"You know whats the best thing about these fancy high rise office blocks.....apart from the view...." Steve was stalling for time so he could get them right where he needed them but obviously before gun totting 'gentlemen' could get a beat on him. Stretching out with his mind he found it, it wasnt supporting the ceiling anymore so why not......

"The super steel SUPPORTS" He shouted as a bear RSJ that had been exposed swelled and bursted like some garden hose covering the backs of the men with umbrellas.

(OOC: I'm going for all 5 if i can, encapsulating their torsos and arms. Non lethal. ...atm anyway)

Class 4 Hero (Powerful Superhuman)
Class 4 Hero (Powerful Superhuman)

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Re: The NEW Vanguard! CENTURION Issue #1

Post  Admin on Sun May 17 2015, 01:23

OOC Good to see you back on the case Smile Aiming at 5 guys at once will make things harder for Centurion though...

Reaching out with his metal manipulation power, Centurion attempted to attack all five enemies with the structure of the building...

Sensing the metal beams and framework in the ceilings and floors, Centurion selected the ones he needed and 'gave them life' so to speak.

OOC Roll(2d10)+0: 7,2,+0 Total:9 Oh, ouch. That's a fail. Had you attacked one or two, that might have done the trick.

The ceiling groaned and splintered as metal beams broke free... then they floundered about, causing the men in suits to glance up then level their blaster/umbrellas at Centurion!

"Ready... " shouted one. "FIRE!"

OOC Four attack, the other heads to where several petrified employees are ducked down. Insurance for the bad guys most likely. They attack!

Roll(2d10)+0: 9,10,+0 Total:19 HIT

Roll(2d10)+0: 1,8,+0 Total:9

Roll(2d10)+0: 8,7,+0 Total:15 HIT

Roll(2d10)+0: 7,9,+0 Total:16 HIT

Three of the blasts strike Centurion, chest, leg and shoulder, spinning him about and crashing him backwards to explode out of the glass and steel skyscraper, to be sent tumbling towards the ground!

instead and making a superhero sized hole in the floor, however, he glances at the readout on his helmet and notes that whilst the blasters pack a punch, they are set to nonlethal force and fell some way short of penetrating his powerful defences! They were able to knock him out of the building, but that presented an opportunity. Might they consider him 'out of the way'? Or would he be better off charging back in, like a bull in a china shop?


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