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OOC First of your solo issues!


Waking from a mysterious week long coma but apparently no worse for wear, Guy Saint Ives is sent home with Doctors scratching their heads. A few days later he begins to develop mysterious powers, including an icy suit of armour and his amazing wind whip! Unsure of his place in the world but knowing that, right here and now, Britain needs him, Joe Rigdon becomes the Fantastic Frostbite!* and leaves evil cringing in terror!

*Nnngh. Sounds a bit camp. come up with another one and I'll change it.

London had a twitchy, nervous edge to it in the morning. Joe Rigdon glanced about. Yes. The looks in peoples eyes, fearful stolen glances to the sky. It was a like being under siege...

He crossed the road, rush hour traffic back to normal after last nights maelstrom of activity. The authorities had been quick to announce they'd defused the situation and that Adjutant and the UKChampions had saved the day. Rigdon scooped up a newspaper, handed over coins and stood reading for a moment, out of the flow of pedestrians, also on their way to work.

It seemed there were half a dozen high profile break ins, total value unknown, by the villainous group Eurotrash, not to mention casual looters. It had been a night of pandemonium. Though the government spokeswoman happily announced the nuclear waste threat had been just that - a threat with no real danger to the public - Rigdon knew otherwise. 40 Megatons of plutonium out there.

He shivered and looked up and down the city streets, people going about their lives, albeit nervously.

With a sigh he walked further up the road, stopped at traffic lights, crossed and walked more, catching glimpses when he could of the newspaper.

The irish villain known as Shale captured by the UKC, only to escape from SMITE custody. No mention of the four captured at Battersea, only the capture of the terrorist types that had been on the roof. No mention of the high velocity plastic bullets. They were non lethal but crippling, designed to shatter bones as well as kevlar armour. Nowhere Man had... Joe sighed. Another quandary. What to do about...

"Rigdon? About time you showed up again!" Betrand Watfield, local area manager of the UCB Defence office. Joe smiled, signing into the book on reception, then moving to the lift where the sign indicated UCB Defence systems had their London office. Watfield was a pest, but only doing his job. "You need to put some serious time back into the Armatank project." he said once the lift doors had closed. "It's been sat on your desk for the last week or so, waiting for you to get back on it! The client is crying foul and the Directors are pestering me about it night and day!" he said, theatrically holding his hands up.

The lift pinged, and into another lobby. This one had glass doors stopping entrance to UCB without proper security checks.

"Hi Joe, hope you're feeling better!" chirped Kate, the receptionist. Watfield 'harrumphed' leaned down to look into the retinal scan then stepped up to the glass doors to put a thumbprint on a panel which worked as a button. The outer doors opened, he stepped forward, they closed behind him. Then he applied his thumb again to the inner glass doors. Glass. Toughened polycarbonate. Bulletproof.

"Ignore him, he's an idiot!" whispered Kate.

She leaned back, chewing on her lip. "Abbies been looking for you. I don't think she's happy at the minute."

"RIGDON! GET IN HERE AND GET ON WITH THIS!" bellowed Watfield from inside.

"He can wait..." said a voice from behind you. Abby stepped from the lift. "Where have you been for over a week, not returning my calls? I've been worried sick!"

Kate busied herself with tidying her desk up again, and was grateful for several incoming calls to answer.

"Well?" said Abby, tapping her foot and hands on hips. She looked great in her business suit, as always. And at the moment, scary...

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