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Justiciar! Bulletman

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A member of the Justiciars, Bulletman was hand picked from the best of the best for his physical strength and all round attributes. A champion boxer at national level before the war, he signed up to serve his country not knowing that a meeting with Generals Forbes and Wynn, and Brigadier Dawson, esteemed company for a lowly Sergeant, would result in his being given super powers and selected to be one of a new breed of Justiciars! The previous group had been sundered by fatalities, missing in action and scarred by all they'd seen and done. Ultimately, their inexperience did them in! Now the training for each Justiciar involves hard weeks of being pushed to their point of breaking and beyond. Only then will General Wynn impart upon them the powers that turn them into superhumans!

Bulletman has a unique power. When being tested for the effects of Wynns power on him, he was found to have gained superhuman strength and endurance, powers that would stand him in good stead and which encouraged the heads of operations at DICE and the Government that he might be some new breed of super soldier! It was, however, his idle tinkering with some of the Strange Science Sections gadgets (none of which worked before he touched them) that alerted them that Bulletmans true ability lie in his power to manipulate the energy field emanating from the mysterious metal Lunarium, found on the moon in seemingly limitless quantities! With that he was able to make use of the previous non functioning devices and the DICE scientists set to with making more and more gadgets for him to use! Wynn was insistent that, rather than be a guinea pig, he would be a field agent. Reluctantly, Brig. Dawson agreed and Bulletman was born!


Aside from superhuman strength and vigour, Bulletmans Field Manipulation (Lunarium) is unique. Within 20m, he can (with an action) either nullify (reduce to zero) or increase (double output) of Lunarium radiation from any quantity of Lunarium! The effect lasts as long as he is in range. For devices empowered by Lunarium this can have serious effects, shutting them down or even blowing them up if the power output is boosted! The equipment designed by the Strange Science Section of DICE can only work because of Bulletmans ability to boost Lunarium output of the power pellets that give the devices their energy, due to their primitive and limited design and construction. Whenever a device runs out he must change a pellet (taking 1 round) by melting the lead from it and nullifying the radiation, then popping it in the device and turning the radiation back on (at double the power). He usually carries 5 pellets, though they are hard to come by and precious, so this number may vary. Lunarium is the most sought after element in the universe.


Flight Belt - silver, with small electromagnetic packs around its length, the design was borrowed from Skrall designs found on the V-Ship. Modified to fit humans and work with Earths magnetic field, it propels the wearer through the air and can allow hovering as well as reasonable manoeuvring. It works with several electrodes places on the major muscle groups of the torso, but as yet the Scientists do not know how (this is 1941!). Game details are:

Flying Belt - generates a magnetic pulse that fires him forwards riding along
invisible magnetic waves in the Earths atmosphere. The power needed to
do this is tremendous, and requires Bulletmans' ability to manipulate Lunarium
energy to operate. In game terms use the following mechanic:
Belt has 20 'flight points' and regenerates 1/round
Grade 1 flight costs 1/round
Grade 2 flight costs 3/round
Grade 3 flight costs 6/round
Grade 4 flight costs 10/round
A more efficient design would provide better flying capabilities. If the flying
points are ever reduced to zero, the belts power supply is exhausted.

Bulletman helmet - shaped to uniquely fit his head and connected with the belt via radio and micro wave emitters, the helmet resembles a bullet, hence his name. It generates an intense magnetic field 1" around his body that repels metals of all kinds, not just ferrous ones. Effectively, it uses the magnetic force of Planet Earth to create a powerful force field. Game Details are:

Magno Power Helmet - a Skrall design modified to fit human heads, it looks like
a bullet, hence the character name. Allows him to project a field of magnetism that repels
metals and metal based attack. Against metal based attacks roll 10d6htk to reduce (BUT discard 1s!).
example: rolls 10d6 against a bullet, gets 4,3,4,5,1,1,6,2,5,3. The ones are discarded
and the total htk to reduce the attack by is 32 points.
Every time a 1 is discarded, a die from the 10d6 is dropped. When the
final die is dropped, the belt needs a new source of Lunarium. Every time the belt generates a protective
field, the effects last for four frames.

Other, new gadgets are already on the drawing board. The Scientists literally don't know if they will work until Bulletman tests them though, as they have no way of refining the Lunarium to increase it's power output or designing complex circuitry. They barely understand 1% of what the Skrall V-Ships have to offer, and so the resulting explosions are generally enough to temper their enthusiasm to a certain degree!

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