Suggested House Rules

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Suggested House Rules

Post  DavidMcMahon on Sat Jan 14 2012, 14:01

Just came up with a couple ideas and wanted to see if we want to try them out.

1. Since SqUK doesn't have any bonuses for giving yourself limitations or weaknesses, how about we give them? For every significant weakness or limitation, you get a Grade upgrade or equivalant or a new power/skill roll. Up to the GM to decide if any limitation or weakness is worth the bonus. See what we are trying to do with Bulletman's creation.

2. On the game system we are currently testing, how about everytime your dice doubles or you suceed by a wide margin [+3? +4? +5?] against your opponent, you get an extra energy point or fate point or reality point or whatever we are calling them? This point can even take you over your maximum allowed.
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